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Motorized Bicycle Engines in Tampa

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Motorized Bicycle Engines in Tampa

If your Motor Bicycle needs to be repaired I do repairs & Customizing With PRO Parts!! DON The Motorized Bicycle Guy TAMPA,FL FOR THE BEST MOTOR KIT IN TAMPA CALL ME @ 813-731-5994 ANYTIME I’m Here To Help MOTORIZED BICYCLISTS!!!!!

JET STEALTH Silver 66/80cc $225.00



JET STEALTH Black 66/80cc $225.00





What’s a motorbicycle?
It’s a motorcycle/bicycle all in one! Pedal the bike like normal then release the clutch and you’re cruisin’ over 35 mph! All motorbicycles come pre-assembled with a high quality, reliable 2-stroke motor and all parts installed!


We offer the best powered bicycles in the TAMPA BAY AREA. ALL of our bikes are professionally assembled and tested to ensure that your purchase is a pleasant one. Any questions about service or maintenance call Don ANYTIME @ 813-731- 5994 WE OFFER SERVICE AS WELL AS DISCOUNTS…MILITARY***SENIOR***STUDENT*****ASK*****We have the best selection  and the best service for Motorized bicycles in the Tampa,St. Petersburg and Clearwater area!!!

These are 2 cycle engines made in China. Package includes parts and engine that allows you to put it on your bike, no need to buy anything else. User manual (email .PDF file when package ships) ( please check your email) 68.5cc 2-cycle EPA certified needle bearing engine, 44 tooth heavy duty sprocket with mounting hardware, black or chrome (random in the kit) Cat. converter exhaust muffler with heat shield, engine on/off fuel petcock, heavy duty push button lock style alloy clutch lever, heavy duty chain (#415/#50), bearing adjustable chain idler, carburetor assembly black, CD ignition assembly, updated kill switch ( on throttle) unit with stop bottom (to blue wire), chain guard, spark plug with tool, 2 L black gas tank with mounting brackets (black), bicycle frame mounting, muffler hanger (may not available in some kit), U clamp for extra bigger frame, other needed mounting and hardware.
Please connect the kill-switch to the “blue/yellow to blue wire”, and “Black to Black) and you can add a head light or tail light onto your bike by connecting the 6 volt, 5w-10w bulb with white and blue color wires from the engine so that you can ride it at night.